About NIIT Media Technologies

NIIT Media Technologies (NMT) is the world's first solutions and services firm to provide media companies with comprehensive, media industry-specific, business and IT solutions and both front- and back-office operations delivery. With a track record of nearly 100 years of media industry, business process and technology expertise, NMT helps media companies enhance their operational efficiency, reduce their operating expenses and increase their revenue.


Did You

The first-ever digital newspaper was the 1991 launched Weekend City Press Review, which to this day provides a summary of all the U.K’s weekend financial and business news?
The two companies behind NMT have been in existence 3X longer than USA Today?

Solutions Overview

For today's media companies, the equation for growth and profitability is simple: deliver compelling content through a range of channels and generate advertising revenue. So why focus scarce resources managing operations, and continue to invest in technology and back-office solutions that are no longer best in class, efficient or scalable, as business needs change? NIIT Media Technologies' (NMT) solutions rebalance your cost/revenue equation.