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  • KPI's and Your Customer

    Anyone who has ever worked in or managed a contact center has been exposed to the term KPI (Key Performance Indicators). It should be no contest to come up with significant key performance indicators; the real task comes in identifying the KPI’s that focus on the areas that matter most to your contact center and to help you achieve the overall goals of your organization. ”. more »
    Jul 11 , 2012

  • How to create an environment that decreases attrition, which in turn leads to satisfied call center employees providing better service

    In most call centers across the world, customer service representatives are busy on calls, supporting customers, helping them with their issues or concerns and finding solutions or trying to sell a service or product to prospective clients. The reps’ primary job, apart from satisfying the customer, is getting calls out of the queue. more »
    Aug 17 , 2012

  • Building Revenue Generating Agents for Contact Center

    Contact centers are an ever changing arena and yet one thing remains constant: The generation of revenue! Call center managers are constantly looking for ways to increase their inbound and outbound revenue while keeping costs low and CSAT scores high. Successful managers understand that a robust initial training program for their agents fortified with an ongoing refresher training program is more »
    Oct 02 , 2012